The Valentine Day


Like the previous years of Gonzaga’s Valentine Days, February 14th 2015 was not a common day. Started from a week before, Senators prepared a movie and program named “Love Expedition volume 3” that served the delivery of flowers, chocolates, and cards. That program stimulated shouts and whoopees among children since the morning. That was the situation; full of happiness and anxiety whether they got flower, chocolate, or card from “Love Expedition” or not.

The last lesson’s bell was rung at 10.00. All students gathered in the Auditorium to celebrate Eucharist. There was Wacana Bhakti Symphony Orchestra and Seminary Choir to serve music and songs in Valentine Holy Mass. While Gonzaga theatre was ready to perform their performance art in homily. They performed a boy in white and a girl in black who danced as a couple who love each other. Then some boys and girls with their fist on their chest came in. They are a portrayal of groups who need to love and be loved.

2 3 4Father Vico, in his sermon, caught those two portrayals as a reflection of love celebration that was learning to love and learning to accept love. Those portrayals reminded him about Simon Petrus who was asked by Jesus about three times, “Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?” Father Vico asked the students, teachers, and staff while invited everybody to realize love in action as like as the theme of the holy mass “To Love is To Share”.

5 6 7

After the holy mass, some students celebrated Valentine together with their classmates in some classes and the others gathered in the loby. Some bands were ready to make the atmosphere of Valentine on the stage of Art Corner. Not only the love, but also the film screening entitled “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2015” which directed by the president of Senat, Ursula Toding, and shuffle dance flash mob as the closing which jazzed up the celebration of Valentine Day in Gonzaga Senior High School.