The Gonzaga High School  held  some excursion study for all of Gonz’s students in order to improve our student’s insight. The topic of excursions include sex education and its impact of drugs ( grade 10 ), the solar energy ( for grade 11, Science Program ), the National Archives Visitation ( for grade 11 Social Program ), and Career day ( for grade !2 )’

A solar energy as an alternative energy in the future seems became a topic that attracted many students. The students made some equipments that operated by solar energy. They were directed by some experts from Surya Institute, among others Dr.Riza, Dr.Arbi and Jeffry M.Sc. The students  created an unique equiepment like mini Ac, water pump, earthquake detector'. "For a times I give  some similar trainings from Sabang to Merauke, I think only this time I can see many students who have  a lot of ideas" said Dr.Arbi.

All excursions were held from Dec, 14 – 17  2012

 God bless all of you