Gonzaga College launches “Buku Panduan Penulisan Karya Tulis Ilmiah”

Gonzaga College Launches a Book Entitled “The Guidance to Write Scientific Writing”


Saturday, August 15th 2015, in the feast of Assumption of Mary, Gonzaga College Senior High School launches a book entitled, “The Guidance to Write Scientific Writing”. This book is designed by three teachers; Mr. P. Cintra Triwamwoto, S.S., M.Hum., Mr. Drs. A. Heri Purwanto, and Mr. Y.B. Dion Rikayakto, S.Pd.

This book consists of eighty eight pages in four chapters. Those chapters discuss about the basic of scientific research, All about Scientific Writing, The Structure of Scientific Writing, and The Convention of Text. This book is also accompanied by appendixes about the steps of scientific writing, pictures and photos to illustrate the experience of observation and research on the field.

The Headmaster, Father Leonardus E.B. Winandoko, SJ., M.Ed., in the preface of this book wrote that this book is designed in the frame of college education. College education is focusing on the cultivation of collegian values as the formation of man and woman who has competences, conscience, and compassioned commitment to the others through the interactions in the realities of the world to shape an excellent humane quality. By the launching of this book, the students get the guidance to enter the world and learn from it. This book is designed to equip the students with proper instrument for their exploration, so that they will be able to report it excellently and responsibly in their writing.

For the writers and designers of this book, the launching of this book is one of moral responsibility and professionalism of the education institution in giving the guidance to the students. Through this book, the students are invited to experience the process of creating the scientific writing that will be used during their studies in the university. This book could be an answer to the needs of this kind of book for the senior high school students.

This is the contribution from Gonzaga College Senior High School for the society, especially for the senior high school students. In the feast of the Assumption of Mary that full of blessings, may this book opens the door of blessings for every people in their efforts to learn from the world and by that way also creates the better world. Those hopes and prayer is formulated in a Latin proverb, “Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus” means life is not for school but school is for the better life.

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam.