There are some questions about  education in the country. One of the questions is that : why do Indonesians education so difficult make any progress ? whereas we have many experts, we have a lot of human resourses both students and teachers, we have a good natural etc, but in fact a quality of Indonesian education seems walk in the same place

Therefore SMA Gonzaga will never halted to looking for the education’s problem in the country. In order to answers some problems of education, SMA Gonzaga will present  a education seminar who will invite some experts that can share their views about the national education problems

They are 

  1. Prof Moh.Nuh, the Education and Cutulture Minister who will delegate his deputy Mr.Totok Suprayitno Ph.D
  2. Prof Anita Lie, the Lecture of Widya Mandala University, Surabaya
  3. Prof.Paul Suparno,SJ, the Lecture of Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta
  4. Anies Baswedan Ph.D, the Rector of Paramadina University, Jakarta
  5. Mayong Suryo Laksono, the Jurnalis as seminar moderator

The theme of seminar is : The natioanal Education : a Hope and a Fact