Nowadays the radicalism, the environment, and the poverty are the three concerns of the Indonesian Jesuit. These topics, of course will colour some activities at SMA Gonzaga in order to commemorate the anniversary of Gonzaga Senior High School and Wacana Bhakti Minor Seminary .The radicalism by certain groups  in Indonesia actually threat the unity, diversity of ethnic, the freedom of religious. The state seems powerless against the radicals . If the radicals do not agree with other groups then they soon intimidate and make an anarchy ; they often used the “street laws” in the country. To  answer to the problems of nationality in the country, SMA Gonzaga will make a discussion that will invite some experts who have good vision of nationhood in Indonesia so that they can provide a view of nationalism.                                                                                          

   The theme of discussion is : “THE THREAT OF NATIONALITY IN  INDONESIA”.

The experts who will be invited to share their insights :

  1.Prof.Dr.Purnomo Yusgiantoro, the Defence Minister of the Republic  Indonesia.

  2.Dr.Ir.Pos M Hutabarat, the Director General of Defence Potential at Defence  Ministry                                          

 3.Ulil Abshar Abdalla, co-founder of the Liberal Islam Network                                

 4.B. Hari Juliawan, SJ., Ph.D., Lecture of political science of Sanata Dharma

    University, Yogyakarta.                                                                                            

 5.Nico Harjanto Ph.D, the senior reseacher of Rajawali Foundation who expertise

   in the political fields and   his experience at the Centre for Strategic

   International Studies (CSIS) as the moderator.