Ash Wednesday for Gonzaga College Community


            As like Jesus who had been tempted by Satan, human is tempted by the evil one to bring them down to the sins. Ash Wednesday is the first day of forty days of fasting before the Easter when all Christians were invited to restrain their lust, and renovate their relation with God that was broken by the sins. Civitas Academica of Gonzaga College Senior High School has its own way to enter the Ash Wednesday. The students do their class activities as usual day until 10.00 am when the holy mass is begun.

All students, teachers, staffs, and other guests gather in the Seminary Auditorium to join the holy mass. The holy mass is lead by Father Leonardus E.B. Winandoko, SJ and other 4 concelebrants: Fr. Thomas Sarjumunarsa, SJ, Fr. Antonius Vico Christiawan, SJ, Fr. Edi Mulyono SJ, and Fr. Yogo Prastyanto, Pr. Father Yogo is an alumnus of Gonzaga College and Wacana Bhakti Minor Seminary.

1 2The choir from the class X-5 and the musical instrument lead the nuance of solemnity. The students are in to the prayers. Their faces show their regret on sins they have done. Fr. Vico who gives the homily, invites the whole community to rip their heart, to defeat all temptation of sins, and to make peace with God. He shows that the key of repent is modesty. The homily is supported by visual media such a short movie that makes the homily becomes more interesting and easy.

Fr. Vico explains the 7 deadly sins of human. Those are lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Everyman, at least there are one temptation to do sin that very dominant and often bring us to the other sins that hurt the heart of God. As the regret on all those sins, we should be back to the right way. It is repent. Therefore, in 40 days, Fr. Vico invites all to burn out those sins to the ash. The homily is closed with a reflective question, “What part of your life that I want to fix in 40 days therefore it empowers me to do charity?”

34Ash tag is given together with the holy Eucharist for the Catholics. The ash tag symbolizes the repent and regret of sins. The ash tag reminds people that they come from ash and will be back to be ash. Therefore, people must aware on their weaknesses and sins to repent and renovate their life.

Human is never being able to escape from sins, though they already do repent. But God is never allowing people to end their live in sins. God always opens the door of forgiveness to all who knock it. With the simplicity and modesty to acknowledge weakness and faults, the repent is accomplished. May in fasting and abstinence, we become better in our services to God and others to shine the lights of our Father in heaven, for the greater glory of God.