Senatorial Election


Thursday, 15th January 2015, Gonzaga College held a senatorial election to get the president of the senate. Three candidates of president who joined the senatorial election were Dionisius Agnuza Jagadhita, Ursula Toding, and Lorentia Lydea. They presented their mission, vision, and programs in the campaign session. All students, teachers and moderators were gathered in Seminary Wacana Bhakti Auditorium from 13.00 to 15.40. Direct election was held just after the campaign session in the class and followed by the quick count till 16.45. The quick count was held in the laboratory of Biology and witnessed by senators, Father Vico, and some of class representations.

Campaign was held in 2 hours in about 2 sessions. It was presentation and answering questions from the audiences and other candidates. Each candidate got critical questions on understanding of collegian values, their strength and weakness, and how to run their programs. Problems questioned and discussed were about the value of arts and compassion, the function of senators and representation of student’s aspirations, and the development of media for social communication in Gonzaga College.


The result of senatorial election was published on Friday morning, Januari 16th 2015. Ursula led by gaining the biggest electors, followed by Lydea and Dion. From 667 electors, there were 16 abstainers. It meant the important of democracy and enthusiasm of general election was high about 97.6 %. Ursula’s win were not only her own but also the whole civitas academica of Gonzaga College in succession of relaying the rod of leader for the new senators. Congratulation for the new elected president, Ursula Toding Allo Rante. As you believed God opened your way to the general election, May God accompanied your services and the senate you choose for the upcoming years.

Vox Populi Vox Dei, AMDG.