Senate Inauguration for 2016-2017 Period

Gonzaga, January 25th 2016, the ceremony of Senate Inauguration was held. Back to September 2015, in the end of Senatorial period of Gonzaga College 2015-2016, Pater Moderator, Father Vico Christiawan SJ and the teacher for senate, Ms Endah Triwulan, held a program called Basic Leadership Training. It prepared candidates of the next senators in 2016-2017.


Ursula Toding Alo Rante and the other senate members are independently built the commission for senatorial election. The senatorial election was held in January 20th 2016 at 15.30-16.00. Each class elected their own candidates after listening to their campaign. The teacher of each class companied them in their class. At the end, the result of the election was counted by the commission in front of the electors.

The campaign delivered the mission and vision of each candidate followed by the debate in front of the students. It was the time when the candidates performed their best in responses to every single question and critical thinking upon their mission and vision.

The three candidates of new Senatorial Leader 2016-2017 are:


Angela Asalee Elizabeth Gabrielle Joshua Caesar


Angela Asalee, a candidate from Natural Science Class with her vision “To Gain Trust from The Community of Gonzaga College”.

Elizabeth Gabrielle, a candidate from Social Science Class with her vision “To be a Leader in the organization who built character and achievement of the students through communication, creativity, and a strong competency”.

Joshua Caesar, a candidate from Natural Science Class with his vision “Realizing the transparency in the Gonzaga Student Government”.

The result of election that was counted by the commission was announced in Thursday, January 21st 2016.

  • Angela Asalee : 233 ballots
  • Elizabeth Gabrielle: 219 ballots
  • Joshua Caesar : 194 ballots

Based on the result of Senatorial Election, Sunday, January 25th 2016, Engela Asalee was inaugurated as the new senatorial leader in the flag rising ceremony that symbolize the spirit of Indonesian nationalism. The ceremony also publically announced the transfer of mandate from the previous senate to the Head Master Father Winandoko SJ, and from him to the new senate.

pelantikan ursula

The Civitas Academic said thank you to the Senators of 2015-2016 for their works in Gonzaga College and congratulation to the new senators, May the God be with you to accomplish your missions and vision!