“Le jeuns viste le monde”, The Risorgimento of Gonzaga Photography

Friday, 12th June 2015, Gonzaga photography extracurricular (Fonza) held an exhibition entitled “Le jeuns viste le monde” means the youth staring the world. It is proper that this exhibition is called as the Risorgimento of Gonzaga Photography cause since 2006[1] to 2015 Fonza did not celebrating any exhibitions outside their school.  The spirit of creativity and to make exhibition are supported by Institute Francais Indonesia in Jalan Wajaya I no.48. In this place, 50 pictures are performed to public since 12th June to 12th July.  The exhibition consists of two sessions. The first session is started from 12th June-26th June and the second is 27th June to 12th July. The curators of this exhibition are Mr. Leo as the tutor of Fonza, and two tutors of art are Mr. Djoko and Mr. Julian.

The exhibition opened at 16.00 was visited by more than 30 students from Gonzaga Senior High School, Canisius Senior High School, and some people who joy the art of photography. The exhibition was opened by Pater Moderator, Antonius Vico Christiawan Sj. In his speech, pater Vico expresses his proud and happiness because after 22 years Fonza did not make any exhibition outside their school, this year they make it in IFI. He gives thanks for the support of Madam Sarah and IFI who provide the place for the exhibition and Mr. Hartono from Focus Nusantara who generously comes to appreciate student’s pictures. Pater Vico underlines the important for the youth to give meaning and to express their freedom.

For Madan Sarah, in her speech, Fonza is performing an exhibition in International scale because IFI is part of France Embassy in Indonesia. In that moment, she delivered some cultural programs of France Embassy to gather Indonesian and France artists started from Palembang, Solo, and ended in Surabaya. From this exhibition is continued to the other activities, especially when Gonzaga’s students are asking and learning about France. She wish that the exhibition may not end in France, maybe next year it will go to Germany or Japanese because that is the way young people travel in the contemporary world.

The speeches that night are closed by Theo, the leader of Fonza who deliver thanks, wish, and dreams of Fonza for the young people, arts, and Indonesia. The event is followed by the tour around the room. Every piece of pictures is enthusiastically appreciated by all visitors. For Aaron, Theo, and Bagus, the satisfactions of their heart are blooming when their works are appreciated by the visitors. For Pater Vico, this exhibition is surprising because the students are not only performing their skill in photography but also brave to do creative processes. For Fonza, this event becomes a challenge to close the end of the year and as the way for students to perform their pieces of work that manifested their way to see the world through their own eyeglasses. These pictures are performing photographic skill, ideas, and stories of the students. AMDG.

[1] Fonza’s last outside exhibition is in 2006 Gonzaga Visual Art (GoViA) together with Gonzaga Art