Dean of Student

Dean of Student at Gonzaga College is held by a Jesuit Priest. He is a Moderator for all the students. Moderator is not merely a vice principal for students affairs, but moreover a friend and spiritual guidance  for the students to form them to be men and women for others.

Current Moderator is Father Antonius Vico Christiawan, SJ.

Moderator has 6 staffs to assist him:

  1. Martinus Juprianto, SJ. (Staff Moderator I/Campus Ministry)
  2. Isharmanto (Staff Moderator II/HR)
  3. Yohanes Saut Maruli (Staff Moderator III/Praefect Discipline)
  4. Petrus Hari Prasetyo (Staff Moderator IV/Coordinator of Extracurricular)
  5. Ibu Boima Turnip (Staff Administration)
  6. Ibu M.M. Endah Triwulan Suryaningsih (Senate Assistant)