Christmas Celebration and New Year Eucharist

Monday Morning, January 4th 2016, the first day of second semester in Gonzaga College is begun with a Holy Eucharist. Father Thomas Sarjumunarsa SJ is the celebrant, Father Leonardus Evert Bambang Winandoko SJ and Father Antonius Vico Christiawan SJ are the concelebrants to Christmas and New Year Mass this year.

There are some special things in the Eucharist. Some poems to express the happiness of Christmas are read before the opening song and in the middle of the readings. These expressions are dedicated to bring the students near to the readings; on the other hand, it also accommodates the need for the freedom of expressions. Though the poems are delivered in poetic language, it is not violating norms and rules.

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Father Winandoko delivers the homily. In his homily, Father Winandoko invites the Civitas Academica to open their mind and to live their life in Christ who was born in their heart. Those things could be done in joyful and responsible life. This message is connected to the spirit of the Church that always gives forth of Christ’s light, “Fulget ecclesia non suo sed Christi lumine”, The Church never becomes the light by itself but from the light of Christ. Therefore the Civitas Academica are invited to make Christ the light who shining in the daily life through the responsible and joyful life. Father Winandoko gives example from the life of Pope Francis who helped the poor people when he was a priest and bishop in Argentina.

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A Christmas song ends the holy mass and conducts the students to another special event called “Academic and Non-Academic Awards”. These appreciations are given to the students who get achievements in the first semester. Many students get award. It means they always want to be the best for the greater Glory of God. This event continues to the “Gonzaga Expression” or they called it GEPREK. It is held by the members of Basic Leadership Training for Senator Candidates in 2015/2016.

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What is GEPREK? It is an acronym of Gonzaga Expression, an event that is purposed to give place for the expression of the students. The committees of this event are participants of Basic Leadership Training program for Senator Candidates 2015-2016. This event consists of some parts. There are some boards to writes feelings and hopes in front of sports hall and a talk show in Seminary Auditorium. The committees invite alumni who are study in some universities. They was students of Gonzaga Colleges with good reputations in intelligence and organization.

The Talk Show discusses about what was happen during their senior high school years. It started from fun stories, daily activities, and values they pride and fight such as Competence, Compassion, and Conscience. The students are enthusiastically come to listen their sharing. Some students come and listen to the story from outside of the auditorium. Some bands bring live music performances to end the talk show at 12.30. The peak of the activities is the closing celebration in the middle of basket ball field ended by singing the Mars song together.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May the spirit of Christmas give the Civitas Academica the more joy and responsibility. AMDG!