Celebrating Leadership Spirit, Celebrating Gonzaga #26 (Certamus Ad Humiliter Serviendos Proximos)


There are many things worthy to be told if we are reminding 26th generation of Gonzaga College. All those memories are celebrated in the Graduation and Farewell Night which was attended by all students of Gonzaga College the 26th generation. All of it is happened in Saturday 23rd May 2015, at Pejaten Barat 10 a. The theme of Graduation and Farewell Night this year is Certamus Ad Humiliter Serviendos Proximos means, “We Struggle to Serve in Simplicity”.

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The Graduation started from 15.00. But since 13.00, students and their parents have arrived. They came earlier to prepare their togas and took photo session in the booth. Graduation was served by Gonzaga Choir named “Surga” and Wacana Bhakti Symphony Orchestra. In his speech, Pater Leonardus E.B. Winandoko SJ., M.Ed. said that, ”Students of Gonzaga College have and always be in process to be steadfast and excellent person, which directed to the build of leader personality. They have and will always learn to lead their life to goodness while inviting others to be the leaders of future who create the society that uphold values of goodness. They will always learn and try to change the world to be better, by keep struggle to serve others in simplicity: Certamus Ad Humiliter Serviendos Proximos!”


Some achievements and appreciations were celebrated in the graduation to. Some students who got the appreciations are; Gregorius Pramudito in Leadership Award; Gusti Nur Asla Shabia in Library Award; Paricia Cindy Andriani in Social Science Award; Sergio Ryan Wibisono in Natural Science Award; Ireneus Mario in Art Award; Ignatius Robert Pattipeilohy in Sport Award; Yanuarius Raditya Pradipta in Gonzagan Award; and Laurentius Damar Parthasiwi in the best academic achievement Award.

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Togas flew in the sport hall that decorated as a ball room, signed the end of Graduation. While the parents went home, students change their outfit. The boys wore their best shirt, tie, and coat while the girls wore their gowns. All boys dressed gently and confidently and girls dressed maturely and gorgeously. All students wore masks and companied by their seniors called Panglima and Angelus Division, entered the ball room. The Panglima and Angelus division are seniors who company newbie during the initiation days of Gonzaga College. Farewell night lead by MC Dino, an alumnus of Gonzaga from 16th generation is opened solemnly because the lamps were turned off. The farewell night was full of bands from the students.

In the closing ceremony, the MC invited all audiences to see and talk each other, to forgive, and gathers with friends though they never be together during the three years of study. After that touching moment, they went out to the basketball field to share their stories, opinions, and hopes after they pass the formation in Gonzaga College. All those sharing were closed by releasing lampions and burning their wishes that were written in pieces of paper to the bone fire. The students were not only close the farewell night by the Mars of Gonzaga college, but also by singing a song that used to be sung together in Laskar Gonzaga by the fist up to the sky as the symbol of solidarity in one family. The song entitled “Long Live My Family” wrote and composed by Endang Soekamti, a Yogyakarata Punk Rock Band.


“I am here to comfort you

once again as it once was,

Happy or difficult we are,

we are always cheerful,

Long Live My Family!”