Open Heart to Serve Neighbors: Charity Bazaar 2016

Open Heart to Serve Neighbors;

Charity Bazaar 2016

Sunday, May 22nd 2016 is a special day for residents of Pejaten Pasar Minggu and surrounding areas. It is the day when students of Gonzaga College Senior Highschool held a Charity Bazaar. The event is being an annual agenda that always be waited and prepared enthusiastically by the students. This year is a special year because of the support of Gonzaga Alumnae organization called IKAGONA who also collecting many kinds of donations and holding blood donation in celebrating 25 years anniversary of the second graduation.



Since 06.00 in the morning, the committees are gathered to brief and to do the final preparation. At 07.15, the people who are taken by the committees by some busses have been coming to parking area. They are welcomed by Fr. School Principal, Leonardus E. B. Winandoko SJ, M.Ed. and Father Rector, Thomas Sarju Munarsa,SJ, and the Chief Coordinators of Charity Bazaar, Antonius Vicky Dwi Setyawan. This year, the free charity packages and cheap packages, which are rice, noodle, sugar, coffee, and cooking oil, distribute into three groups. The people come and back home in the three groups to and each group is introduced by briefing by the committee. In addition of the packages, the people can take the health service for free, have their haircut, good price clothes, library for kids, many educative activities for kids, and Indonesian traditional foods.

In the middle of charity activities, people and committees are entertained by some performances offered by students of Gonzaga College Senior Highschool, students of Prima  Unggul Foundation, and a theater performance entitled “My Face and Yours” played by Sanggar Anak Atap Puisi Depok that is taught by Miss Diyan Krisnawati S.S., an English Teacher of Gonzaga College Senior High School. Happiness is on the people’s faces. The event is closed by the sale of the rest packages and the announcement of door prize according to the drawing of number. After the people are taking back home, the committees arm in arm clear up the arena. The openhearted and the service to the neighbors bear fruits in happiness and togetherness as one family between students, school, and the people. All those fruits are real in smile and laughter that unites them all.



































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