School Orientation Academic Year 2016-2017

As an educational institution, Gonzaga College High School organizes many activities aimed to further develop the students, both in the academic field as well as the humanities. Such activities are held throughout the school year, and managed as well to achieve the defined goals.

One of the activities organized at the beginning of the Academic Year 2016-2017 is the School Orientation (MPLS). MPLS activities held on the 18th, 19th, and July 20th, 2016, involving the entire community of Gonzaga College High School; The principal, the assistant principal, teachers, and the XI and XII grader students. MPLS activity aims to help new students get to know the situation of Gonzaga College High School; regulations, facilities, activities, etc., so that the students of Class X are expected to immediately adjust to life and the atmosphere at Gonzaga College High School. MPLS whole series of events ended with the inauguration of the new students, characterized by sprinkling water on the heads of the students batch 30 by the Gonzaga College High School principal, Fr. Leonardus E.B. Winandoko, SJ., M.Ed. The inauguration ceremony held at Gonzaga College High School Sport Hall was attended by the big family of Gonzaga College High School; teachers and employees, students Grade XI and XII, as well as alumni.