“Mama Yoo, Kalian Tra Kosong Sudah”

“Mama yoo, kalian tra kosong sudah…”. That was a line of sentence in  the letter that was sent by Father Tito, SJ (School Headmaster of Le Cocq d’Armanville College in Nabire, Papua). The Papua-styled phrase was directed to friends in Gonzaga College which means “Wow, You are deserved to be proud.” Why then?

Gonzaga Festival, yes, because of Gonzaga Festival. The hardwork of the Gonzaga College community in organizing the Gonzaga Festival, it resulted a fruitful achievement. God has heard and granted all prayers and give His blessings for all our needs in the event organization. And the profit after the event still can be contributed to brothers and sisters in Le Cocq community, Papua.

Gonzaga Festival is a youth festival, an annual event that is organized by Gonzaga College students. There are lots of competitions and activities that is organized at that event and is participated by plenty number of schools in Jakarta. Gonzaga Festival 2016 was driven by the 12th grader as the main crew that was helped by the 10th and 11th grader.

This year, the total participant that participated in many competitions was 86 schools that consisted of Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High. The sport that was contested including basketball, futsal, mini soccer, volleyball, and cheerleading, while in art and academic there was drawing competition for elementary students, as well as stand up comedy, band competition, spelling bee and English debate.

The closing of Gonzaga Festival was the peak of the event. The award ceremony to the winners and their performance so tone up the event. Other than the performance of the winners, there were a show of drama, saman dance, and modern dance by Gonzaga College students. Performances by popular bands in Indonesia such as Barasuara, HiVi, and the Changcuters became the show that was awaited by 2500 spectators that came at the night. The entrance ticket was sold out.

All the hard-work that was prepared for almost one year is not meaningless. Although having some difficulties, but it could be handled. Thanks to God, thanks also to all the sponsors that supported Gonzaga Festival. Thank you to the entire crew that work ceaselessly for the success of the event, all for the greater glory of God. Mama yoo, kalian tra kosong sudah.