The 6th Lustrum of Gonzaga College

Gonz for Indonesia

The 30th Anniversary of Gonzaga College

Justice – Caring – Community


GONZ FOR INDONESIA (BUILDING NATIONALISM), the main theme for the 6th Lustrum Ceremony of Gonzaga College, is based on the Ignatian Charism Finding God in All Things. Education process in Gonzaga College orients the students, faculties, and staffs member to encounter God in the daily basis. We design the ceremony so we continue our way of proceeding to find God in our life.

This event reflects on the 3 main concerns of the Society of Jesus of Indonesian Province and Archdiocese of Jakarta. The issues are poverty, diminishing the nationalism spirit because of radicalism, and the degradation of our environment.

We celebrate our 30th anniversary with joy and jubilant for our existence and contribution to educate the Indonesian young generation in Jakarta. This is a great opportunity for us to show many evidences about our service in education for Indonesian society. We are care, responsible, and  effortless to serve as a community for our nation and Church.


The Events

A. Gonzaga Lustrum Festival

This event consists of academic, sport, art, and liturgy competitions for participants in Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools, and Senior High Schools in JABODETABEK. The event involves the students with teachers guidance.

B. Family Gathering

This gathering was held for the students, the student’s parents, alumni, faculties, and staffs as one family. The event will enable us to growth together as a community of service for others.

C. Live In and Arts Performance

The summit of the lustrum program is the Arts Performance. The arts performance is a collaborations with all Jesuit Highs Schools in Indonesia. The performance consists in three parts: 1) care for earth, 2) peace & justice, and 3) for our nation & community. The summit event will be held in Balai Sarbini Convention Center, Jakarta October 31st and November 1st.

D. Seminar on Nationalism and Education

As an education institution, Gonzaga College strives for human excellence and academic excellence. For that purpose, we invite many people to participate in seminar which discuss about the fading out the spirit of excellent education and nationalism. As an education institution, we effortlessly build and maintain the good education and spirit of nationalism.

The keynote speakers for the first seminar with 1928 Indonesian youth spirit for the unity of Indonesia as the sub-theme are

  • Pater Prof. Dr. Franz Magnis Suzeno, S.J.
  • Prof. Dr. Syafei Maarif
  • Prof. Dr. KH Said Agil Siradj
  • Sela Wangkar (Moderator)

The keynote speakers for the second seminar with security and manifesting Pancasila for unity of Indonesia as sub-theme are

  • Prof. Dr. Yudi Latif
  • Pater E. Baskoro Poedji Noegroho, S.J.
  • Mohamad Sobari
  • Dr. Nico Harjanto (Moderator)

E. Books Exhibition and Launching

This event promotes the collection of ideas and concern about nationalism from the students, the founder of Gonzaga College, the priests, the lay person whom involved with the education in Gonzaga College, and some experts in education. The book will be an evidence for Gonzaga College Community contribution of our reflection about the way Indonesian people living their spirit of nationalism in the daily basis.

F. The 30th Anniversary Eucharistic Celebration

Beside to form all the community members of Gonzaga College in term of academic, we also strive for their spiritual formation. The Eucharistic celebration is led by the priests whom alumni of Gonzaga College.

G. The Puppet Show

One of the traditional show to conclude our remark history of Gonzaga College is the puppet show. With the people around Gonzaga College campus, we want to share our gratitude. The performance in the campus of Gonzaga College is brought by Ki Dalang Suranto Hadi Sucipto with Pandawa Ngenger as the theme.

The Schedule of 30th Anniversary of Gonzaga College:

Gonzaga Lustrum Festival

21-28 Oktober 2017 : Gonz’s 30th Anniversary Competition

Family Gathering

22 Oktober 2017 : Family Gathering for student’s parents, students, alumni, faculties, and staffs of Gonzaga College.

Live in

27 Oktober -5 November 2017

Art Performance

31 Oktober 2017 : Gonz for Indonesia in Music Concert I

1 November 2017 : Gonz for Indonesia in Music Concert II

National Seminar

28 Oktober 2017 : National Seminar of Education and Nationalism I

1 November 2017 : National Seminar of Education and Nationalism II

Books Exhibition and Launching

1 November 2017 : Book Launching about Indonesian Nationalism

The 30th Anniversary Eucharist

3 November 2017 : Misa Syukur

The Puppet Show

4 November 2017 : PANDAWA NGENGER by Dalang Ki Suranto Hadi Sucipto