(Indonesia) Info Jadwal Pelajaran TP. 2019/2020
Written by Mas Admin | 22 July 2019 15:59

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Build up a Compassionate Life Style

Togetherness within diversity.


The student of eleven grade of Gonzaga Senior High School went to Melung village, Purwokerto regency, Central Java on Sunday evening, from April 15 to 19, 2012 as a part of annual school program which is popular as Live-in of SMA Gonzaga.
There were 222 students and 11 teachers who involved in the program.
The main goal of the program is used to built the student’s character so as the student can live together with those as common people ( a farmers, a traders etc ).Therefore, all students have practiced to live as villager who  have never been  experienced.

However, we, the students can learn more about simplicity, togetherness without discriminating one another, hospitality and others. As we know that the students and the villagers actually have  different cultural, diversity, language, and  religion. However, we are united in the spirit of togetherness.

We can unite with others without differentiate them. Amazing for the students