Ignatius Day

As Beloveds, We Love

“We love because He first loved us”

[1 John 4:19]

Gonzaga College rejoiced in the celebration of a soldier, a sinner and a saint. Famously quoted for his wise yet humble words, students and teachers alike commemorated Ignatius of Loyola on his feast day. Precisely on Tuesday, 31st of July 2018, at 7 AM sharp. Before the rising dawn, the school was already teeming with youths preparing for the festivities. A jolly choir and lively tunes can be heard upon entering the Seminary Hall. Dozens of seminary priests, or priests-in-training, were rehearsing one last time prior to the Holy Mass. From vivacious violins to prominent piano, Wacana Bhakti Symphony Orchestra incorporated candidates for priesthoods into their musical ensemble as part of training them in humanism. Their repertoire beautifully enveloped Father Leonardus Evert Bambang Winandoko’s message for the special day, the reason why we must, shall and will return God’s love. For it is God’s confession to us all: Remember, I loved you first.

Appreciations were given to those who excel in various fields, academic and non-academic. It isn’t curious to see over than sixty pupils lining up and receiving certificates because of their perfect attendance record. Champions from sports to arts were encouraged to contribute more and improve their abilities in their respective area. Savants were also congratulated, with the existence of scholarships for intellectuals. Even those who have written impressive examens, one of the Ignatian prayer method, were ecstatic to receive their awards. Free meals were then offered, using the coupons previously distributed to every student.

Back inside the Seminary Hall after the recess, everyone watched the Gonzaga Festival’s Trailer and Charity Bazaar’s After-Movie afore enjoying Art Corner.  Melancholic melodies like Never Enough from the film The Greatest Showman and jovial jazzes like Menghujam Jantungku by Tompi and Hijrah ke London by The Changcuters were performed by bands, to the crowds’ delight. Audiophiles sing and groove along, and everyone was recording and posting it on different platforms of social media. Even the representatives of Surga (Suara Gonzaga) showcased their skills. The audience kept asking for more, but eventually it’s time for Opera Magna.

Most of the students changed into t-shirts to start the final part of today’s activity. Also called Opera Magna, every class was assigned an area to clean up. Equipped with brushes, mops, sanitizers and gloves, everyone worked side by side, exchanging turns and looking out for others. Workload was cut and efficiency doubled. This final deed was also a way for pupils to give thanks to God for their school, to become more aware and take better care of their second home. “Love is shown more in deeds than in words”, just like what Saint Ignatius of Loyola conveyed.

This is but a small part of the life which Gonzaga College follows with the guidance of God through Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. To walk upon the path of righteousness and kindness may not be the easiest, but nevertheless God has shown his love towards us. Beyond the darkness and despair, there is hope in the love God has given, no matter how we pray or call our God. May we always love God, ourselves and others, for He has loved us first.

In Omnibus Amare et Servire Domino

(EPP, GC 31)