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The warm of sharing, the cheers of children, and compassion are filled the atmosphere of Charity Bazaar at Gonzaga Senior high school, 10th May 2015. The committees of charity bazaar have worked hard since March to prepare the event. Beside the stand of daily needs, the bazaar, that invited people around Pejaten and Kemang, has some stands that are interesting to visit.  Those stands are healthy stand, barber stand, clothes stand, games stand, library stand, electronic mobile library from the National Library of Indonesian Republic, and a books stand from 1001 Buku.

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The event themed “To Serve Others with Love and Sincerity” which happens since 07.00 to 14.00 was conducted into three sessions. In each session, the invited people are taken from their house and back by some rented public transportation. During the event, they changed their coupon with a pack of daily needs and visited some stands that giving services on public needs such as health care, clothes, barber, and entertainments for kids.


Stand that was handling the health care was the doctor stand. In this stand, visitors will be served by a nurse, a pediatrician, a general practitioner, and a dentist. For a long haired visitor, barber stand was interesting to visit. In this stand, there were two barbers who ready to give free hair cut service. The other stand that interesting to visit was clothes stand. In this stand, there were many shirts, pants, shoes, and other clothes that were sold at a good price started from Rp. 500, 00.


For kids, games stand was the most interesting stand. In this stand, the kids will be invited to throw balls into the cans, to crayon a picture, to paint their face, to ride Odong-Odong, and to throw the snowmen. The kids were not only invited to play but also to love books through the library stand. The stand managed by library lover group (Amatorum Societas Gonzaga Bibliotheca) collaborated with The National Library of Indonesian Republic to provide electronic mobile library or Pusteling to serve on membership registration of the national library, electronic resource, free books, storytelling, educative magic show, and training for internet user. On the other side, a books stand provided by 1001 Buku organization was also serving books and some educative games to stimulate children’s creativity.

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All items sold at good price or shared for free at the bazaar were collected from students and others since April. Those gratitude and happiness were completed by the participation of IKAGONA; the big family of Gonzaga senior high school alumni, people from Walk for Autism, and OI (Orang Indonesia) Organization, Kebaya Merah-East Jakarta. The positive responses from society showed that Gonzaga Senior high school and the Charity Bazaar are accepted as part of their life.