The Gonzaga Gathering


The Gonzaga Gathering (Guyub Gonzaga ) is an event  which intended to become a tools of communication between  Staff, teachers  and student-parents.The event was held  on Sunday, February  12, 2012  at campus of Gonzaga College,  Jln. Pejaten Barat 10 A South Jakarta

The events were started  from 08.00 am to 12.00 noon  with the beginning of  Sunday’s Eucharist which led by Fr Leonardus EB Winandoko SJ.( the School Principal ), Fr Y. Alis Windu Prasetya, SJ.( the Vice Principal of Student Affair ) and Fr Y. Radityo Wishnu Pr.


More than 400 student-parents  were present.  The programs were : screening  the movie of Gonzaga High School Profiles play , performance of Gonzaga’s cheerleader, performance of seminarians orchestra , poco-poco dance  and ending with lunch. All staff, teachers ,student-parents and invited-guests  were too impressed  about the programs

Many sharing have been done between teachers and student-parents ;some discussion  about student development, both students progress and student problems so that we could  more understand about  student’s situation.

The Guyub Gonzaga was  one of a series events in order to commemorate twenty- fifth anniversary  of Gonzaga High School and Wacana Bhakti Seminary.

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam