Gonzaga Magis, Preparation for Exams Festival

There have been a lot of tasks going on in Gonzaga College recently, especially for the school’s  12th graders. They are busy preparing themselves for  the upcoming practical exams, school exams, the national-based school exams, and the national exams. These exams will be held on March and April 2017.

_MG_9876The students are trying their best to succeed in the aforementioned exams. To this end, the school  has provided the students with Try Out and Ganzaga Magis programs. Try Out I-V will be held in steps. They begin on last December and end on April before the national exams. The teachers are assisting the students enthusiastically and are willing to accompany studens in their studies until 4 pm.

In this activity, the studying process is highly valued.  Every students strengths an weaknesses in the subjects involved in the exam can be evaluated. Their skills in certain subjects can be used to help their peers who have difficulties in said subjects (tutor). This way, they effectively serve as tutors for one another. However, students are expected to have a thourough understanding of every subject on the day of test. This is required in order for every student to obtain their best possible scores.

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Support from parents, teachers, and friends will be greatly appreciated and will be a great motivation for the 12th graders once they face the exams. Whatever the result, it must be come from the Lord Himself.