The Opening of Year of Study in 2015-2016



July 6th 2015 is a special day for students of Gonzaga College. Since predawn, the students of XI and XII class who became the committee of orientation days for fresh students woke up and prepared themselves to go to school. The delight to welcome the fresh students who go to school in white and gray is the reason behind. The fresh students were not allowed to come together with their parents by their own vehicles. Many students came in to school by public transportation and some of them were walking. Therefore some committees were ready on some spots near the school to secure the activities.

Meanwhile 45 members of flag hoisting squad led by Alexander Timothi Simanjuntak were trained their marching since 04.45. There also the members of Wacana Bhakti Symphony Orchestra who prepare their instruments and scores after the morning holy mass. Thus the preparation and situation of the students and seminarians in the morning that considered holiday for another schools.

The flag ceremony is started since 07.00 and followed by all members of the civitas academics include students, teachers, and staffs. The headmaster, Father Leonardus E.B. Winandoko SJ., M.Ed. led the ceremony. He instructed the students to do 2 things, first to be delight and the second to be responsible. Those two things need to be accomplished because this year is the year of Conscience. It related to the theme of Jesuit Educators Conference in Spain 2014 that focused to the value of Conscience. After all, father headmaster introduced all teachers and staffs that working for Gonzaga College this year to all students.

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Just after singing the mars of Gonzaga College and Seminary Wacana Bhakti, the fresh students followed the activities in Seminary Auditorium. They followed the tour around the school and group discussion about the core values of Jesuit College. The activities introduced school facilities, teachers, and staffs who will be their daily life. Thus the delight and responsibility were performed by the committees to welcome the fresh students. Thus the actualization of Jesuit school commitment in preparing students to actively involved in their society, and for them it is the community of fresh students who became their juniors.