En Todo Amar y Servir (In All, Love and Serve)


The 2015 Live-in for grade XI was held on March,  23-26, 2015,  at Sragen Central Java, a half day train trip from the capital. More than 10 teachers and staff have also joined with Gonz student in these program.

Some support have also been given from St.Mary Fatima Parochial, Sragen Catholic Church ( lead by Frater Didik RD ) so that the implementation of the program can run and succeded in accordance with our theme “En todo Amar y Servir”  that mean In All we Love and Serve

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Some student activities ( in the pictures ), they help their adoptive parent as farmer, traditional trader, breeder, cleaning services and others. Some villages like Tangen, Tanon, Sidoarjo and Masaron at north area and  Kedawung, Jenawe, Mujigedang, and  Gondang at south area were too impressed for students.

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