Three Activities after Semester Examination in Gonzaga College; Carrier Day, Excursion, & Golympics

The end of first semester for Gonzagas is a blessed times. Why so? While they are waiting for the report, three activities that elevate their knowledge, insight, and brotherhood were held in a week; Career Day, Excursion, and Golympics. Career Day was held on Saturday, December 12th, Excursion on Monday to Wednesday December 14th to 16th, and Golympic in Thursday and Friday December 17th to 18th.

While Honorary council parliament on the case of profiteering the name of Indonesian President and the end of COP21 Conference about World Climate and the Global Warming in Paris, Gonzaga students join the three activities in happiness and enthusiasm. Let us review it one by one!


Career Day

Career Day is the day when the students meet professionals from various professions they interested in. This year is a blessed year because the professionals are joined by the alumni of Gonzaga College. There are 45 people who work professionally in their discipline. They work on Journalism, Media, Stand Up Comedy, Law, Aviation, Technology Information, Graphic Design, Medics, Cruise, Management, and others.

Career Day delivers knowledge, insight, and direct contact between students and the professionals. It will be continued to another program entitled Profession Orientation in July 2016. Career Day was held during these 10 years and Profession Orientation entered the third year. Those two programs offer the sharing on the world, its need and how the professions full fill it. By the event, the school prepared the students with knowledge to live their life and their world.



In 14th -16th December 2015, XII grade goes to Bandung to do the study tour; XI grade goes to campus tour and made a documentation project about Jakarta’s Old Town; while X grade gets the knowledge from Sexual Education and seminar on motivation. These annual events have a common thread to one and each other.

Sex Education for X grade is purposed to grow awareness on the rights on the protection of their sexual life which is growing during their teen ages. The students were equipped by practical knowledge on sexual functions, influences of the development of sexual organs, and the risks if its growing if it is disturbed. In the next day, the motivations delivered by alumnus who success on the aviation and wrote a book on it and the other is an alumnus who rode his bike across Himalaya Mountains. The sharing from the alumni underlines the fact that the alumni of Gonzaga College have a good ability to adapt and creativity as his participation to face and answer the challenges of problems in the world.

The XII grade of Science Class goes to Bina Nusantara and Atmajaya University. They also get knowledge on entrepreneurship delivered by a team from Kwin Kian Gie University. The students of science class are happy because they got useful information on those universities and its situations while the last day they get more information about entrepreneurship. While the XII grade from Social Class spend their days preparing the tour, hunting on pictures and stories about the Old Town and editing it to be a documentary film. The students of social class find their documentary awareness and learn to prepare how to hunt pictures and stories worth for documentary film and also about their trips in each location.

Three days in Bandung, XII grade visit Cihampelas Walk, Hydroponic agriculture, Geology Museum, Textile Factory, and a cultural centre named “Saung Udjo”. The rosary of the tour is useful to release their tiredness just after examination. The students could see and participate in each activity where they visit in. The students were invited to absorb knowledge and practical things about Sundanese culture, agriculture, and science.


Golympics; A Sport Championship

Sport, Class Meeting, and cheer up one and each other are what happen in the Golympics. The Championships are on Marathon, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, and Mini Soccer. These activities are held by the Senators who practice a collaborative concept which made a team from the Class XII, XI, and X in the name of the saints. Those teams join the matches on those sports.

Golympics comes from an annual event entitled Gonzaga League which in the beginning is a mini soccer championship and later becomes a class meeting. The concept of Gonzaga League, that unites students from all grades in a team, is brought back to the field this year. The matches are not stopped though the weather change from rainy to sunny. In between of the matches, there are a kind of survey about activity the student want to do if they only got one more day to live their life. The answers are various from the ugly one to the serious one, another clever and optimistic answer are pinned on the board. The Radio Gonzaga as Information Centre becomes a good instrument to send messages and music like a real radio on air that tone up the atmosphere. Golympics at the practical level then becomes a place to learn how to lead and put the ideas on practice.


After the students take their report, now it is the time for all community to joy the long Christmas and New Year holiday. Let us joy the happiness and gratitude of Christmas and New Year. Let us make another event next year. See you again in 2016. Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year 2016 to all the members of Civitas Academics of Gonzaga College, Viva Gonzaga!