Gonzaga Senior High School has been started since 1987 and directed by Jesuits of Indonesia Province. As a product of Jesuit education, Gonzaga College prioritize Competence, Conscience, and Compassion for our students. We appreciate the individual gifts of each student and challenge them to share those gifts with our school community and the world beyond. "Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam" is our motto. Welcome to Gonzaga College! We encourage our students to be men and women for others as a part of preparing the future leaders.

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Agenda MOPD XXVIII: Tanggal Kegiatan Waktu mulai Waktu selesai 14 Juli 2014 MOPD hari 1 Pkl. 07.00 Pkl. 12.00 15 Juli 2014 MOPD hari 2 Pkl....